Gold Opal Goddess Wadjet Snake Necklace

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Gold Opal Goddess Wadjet Snake Necklace, Real Gold Egyptian Amulet jewelry
    Handmade item
    Necklace length: 20 Inches; Pendant height: 1.4 Inches; Pendant width: 0.5 Inches
  • Materials: Gold, Silver, Stone
  • Gemstone: Opal


We included opal inlay in many of our Historical Designs inspired jewelry collection. The color of opal jewelry changes depending on the angle of its light reflection. When the opal is rotated, the color dances with a rainbow magic sparkle throughout the stone.


Goddess Wadjet was revered as the goddess of childbirth, and protector of children, and in later
years she became the protector of kings.
Protector of country, pharaohs, and other deities
Wadjet was associated with the Nile Delta region and was more associated with the world of the living. She was closely linked to pharaohs as a protective deity. She was associated, along with other goddesses, as the 'eye of Ra'.

The pendant dimensions 35 mm X 13 mm include the pendant loop. ( 1.4 x 0.5 inch )


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